Interment Services

  1. Prepaid Interment Service (PPIS)

    This service enables you to avail of first-class interment service at current price and protects you from future price increases. It includes the cost of the concrete vault, flat marker, use of the Multi-purpose Pavilion, sound system, tents & chairs, and digging. Once the PPIS is fully paid, the interment service may be availed at any time, even 10 to 20 years into the future, at no additional cost.

  2. At-need Interment Service

    A first-class interment service that is availed at the time of need.

  3. Bone/Ash Interment Service

    This service may be done separately or simultaneously with the body.

    It may happen in two (2) ways:

    • Transfer from a park (external to Pryce) to our park.
    • Transfer within our parks, i.e., from one lot to another.